Agile as a Service

EPIC introduces a three day workshop that introduces agile methodology and tools to each departmental team.  Agile is not simply for development but for all business units.

Our mini half day departmental workshops focus on 4 core values.

  1. Get something on paper! All too often, debates rage as stakeholders work to gain agreement on parts of the solution. It’s like arguing about ingredients on a recipe card and not focusing on what the end product should be. It is a nonproductive use of time. Get down on paper as quickly as possible a design that spans the end-to-end flow of the process. Only then should the team start to identify and work through the component pieces.
  2. Remove the stigma of perfection. Your first stab at the initial state will not be the final. Design it with a minimalist perspective. What can you do to get the process up and running with as little effort as possible and as quickly as possible?
  3. Recognize it’s okay to have gaps. On occasion the initial state will have glaring gaps. Parts of what is needed for it to operate don’t exist today. That’s okay. The goal of the initial state is to identify these gaps. Only once they are named can they be investigated and resolved.
  4. Identify the process limiters. In many situations, the process (especially a new one) is limited based upon preexisting conditions. For example, contracts with third parties, space constraints or limited headcount with the appropriate skillsets may negatively impact a process. Especially for an initial state, it is helpful to list these limiters. They are potentially roadblocks to getting to an optimal future state. Addressing them early in the improvement process increases the likelihood these limitations can be mitigated or removed.

Once the initial state is complete, the real work begins. The challenge is to deliver a working process in a set timeframe… while making it as operationally effective and efficient as possible. An initial state process is but the first step in this journey. It’s version 0.0 with all its defects and imperfections. But it is a start… and you can make it better.


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Under Seige

We are in the midst of a revolution driven by exponential technology: artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics, 3D printing, big data, blockchain, drones, IOT, VR, genomics and stem cells.

Many companies may have been used to fierce competition in the past, but now this competition can come from an increasing number of sources, and technology is often changing the rules of the game.. At the core of your digital transformation journey must be the desire to learn new things — and to continually go beyond your companies current capabilities. In a world that is changing more rapidly then ever before, you can no longer plan a one-shot transformation lasting several years. If you do, by the time you have finished, the world will have changed. And rigid long-terms plans will prevent companies from responding quickly to threats and opportunities as they arise.


Step up to the Plate

Is your business going to grow as slowly in 2018 as it did in 2017?Because if you don't do something different, that's exactly what's going to happen.