Executives Start Your Engines!

Agile development was a natural evolution for companies to build things.  Moving to agile has improved productivity and customer experience along the way.  If that’s the end game, then all companies including yours would be generating new growth at an exponential rate.  The question is are you?

You have cranked up the factory and brought speed to your development organization.  But after the decision to move forward you can’t be sure that you are building the right solutions for the current (and future) markets.  Are you as agile in your Go-to-Market abilities as you are in development teams?  Do you measure progress differently or separately from business success?

We understand that in today’s rapidly-evolving markets and technology space, companies need to focus on product-market fit — the intersection of desirability, feasibility, and viability.  Product-market fit is not static; it evolves, as technology, markets, and user preference do. The key to business success is aiming as close to the product-market fit bullseye as you can, getting started, and making course adjustments based on learnings as you go. Sometimes even halting a project completely (remember satellite phones)?

InnoStreams does not make your organization agile; it keeps you on course to get the business benefits of being agile. Here’s a car analogy.  You know where you want to go (vision), and the general route you want to drive (strategy).  InnoStreams has GPS to help you pick the best route, and to course correct in real-time in case of congestion or better route options.  It has “lane assist” to help keep you in the correct lane if you start to drift. It’s has “collision detection” to help you stop you before a collision. This is not autonomous driving, but it’s a much smarter, faster, safer way of getting to your destination.

Your product teams are revving your engine.  They are driving hard and fast to reach a destination.  It is to your benefit to make sure it’s the right destination.

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